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The following is a library of client education material that we have created and use at the Animal Health Center.  Please contact us if you have specific questions about your pet. We will be happy to answer your questions!

File NameDescription / Comment
Caring for your pet's teethInformation on dental home care for your pet.
Cat house soiling questionsQuestionnaire for clients with cats that are eliminating inappropriately.
Crate Training Your PuppyImportant information on how to properly crate train your puppy/dog.
Housebreaking your puppyA great handout on how to housebreak a new pup or dog.
New BabyImportant information on introducing your pet to a new baby.
Pet Dental CareInformation on Pet Dental Care.
Setting up a rountine for your dogInformation on how to train your dog to a rountine.
Training for FreedomAllowing your pup or dog freedom without destruction.
Vaccine ReactionsInformation on types and symptoms associated with vaccine reactions.