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       Catalogue and Internet Prescription Policy

At Animal Health Center, it is our policy to take every possible step to ensure that our patients receive the very best pharmaceutical products available.  This is especially important with life-threatening illnesses such as heartworm disease. However, we understand and empathize with the desire to find products cheaper.  We know that several catalogue and Internet companies presently sell these products cheaper than we are able to.  If you wish, we will gladly write prescriptions for your pet for these products in lieu of selling them here.  We do, however wish for your decision to be an informed decision, and want you to know several things regarding catalogue and Internet company prescription sales:

1.    All major manufacturers maintain a strict policy of sales exclusively through licensed veterinarians.  Many catalogue and Internet Company sales are through non-approved channels.

2.    Most guarantees that manufacturers make regarding their products are null and void if their products are purchased through non-approved channels.  This includes the guarantee reimbursement programs.

3.    Pharmaceuticals manufactured and labeled for use in other countries have been illegally diverted and sold through these discount houses in the United States.

4.    The FDA and State Boards of Pharmacy have cited catalogue and Internet companies for violating prescribing procedures. 

5.    Our products come with a person to help you utilize them in the most efficient manner. 

6.    Shipping charges, delays, mis-shipments, and damaged products are several of the reasons that many clients feel that the hassles of dealing with the catalogue and Internet companies are not worth the savings.

7.    Understand that the sales of many of our retail products help subsidize the cost of other services at the hospital.

If you prefer to purchase your products at catalogue or Internet companies, we will gladly write prescriptions for these products according to the following guidelines:

1.    All state and federal prescribing laws apply. 

2.    You must pick the prescription up in person.  We strongly recommend you fax the prescription to the company and retain the original yourself.  If this prescription is lost or filled improperly by the company, additional copies will be provided to you at a bookkeeping fee of five dollars. 

3.    To avoid any potential doctor-patient confidentiality issues, we will not communicate with the discount companies in any form or fashion. 

4.    It is your responsibility to ensure that the prescription is sent, filled, labeled, shipped, and used correctly. 

5.      We will not become involved in any product failure issues for products purchased through these discount houses.  This includes flea, heartworm, and intestinal parasite prevention.


For additional information please check out the FDA website on purchasing pet medications online.

As an additional service to our clients, we offer mailing of your pet's prescription directly to your home from our office for a nominal fee.  Just call us and ask us how!