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Posted By :    Leslie Harlor  (
Posted :    10/4/2011
Comments :    I cannot recommend Dr. Trapani and all members of the AHC highly enough other than to say - FANTASTIC! After fostering a litter of kittens for Dr. Trapani that had been left without a mother and keeping one of the kittens, we transferred our other cat's vet needs to Animal Health Center and last year lost this cat to natural causes. Dr. Trapani and staff displayed such compassion when Elvis crossed the Rainbow Bridge, it confirmed they knew exactly how we were feeling.
Posted By :    Deanna Neal
Posted :    4/19/2011
Comments :    Everyone at the Animal Health Center is great, and Arrow actually loves going to the vet... Love it. You all have helped so much in her journey so far thank you so much!
Posted By :    Rob Miller  (
Posted :    4/10/2010
Comments :    I liked your site.
Posted By :    Colleen Ross  (
Posted :    8/24/2009
Comments :    My 1 year old Newfoundland DOZER got sick very quickly. Dr. Ross fit us in immediately, diagnosis My Newfie and called the Tufts ER to inform them of the situation, If not for the passion,love and devotion that Dr. Ross has to her patients Dozer would not be with us recovering today. I always have total confidence of my 2 Newfie's care when I bring them to Animal Health Center.Your kindness will always be remembered.
Posted By :    E.J. Doe  (
Posted :    7/9/2009
Comments :    My guinea pig Peaches had a really bad eye injury and stopped eating and almost died. I was able to nurse her back to health by force feeding her Oxbow's Critical Care, and giving her meds every 6 hours for a week. She had two different eye medications, and it was a lot of work! Her eye was completely greyed over and I thought for sure she would lose it. But with Dr Trapani's help and good advice, months later and she is right as rain now! I can't thank her enough for saving Peaches life, as well as her eye.
Posted By :    The Blizard Family
Posted :    10/2/2008
Comments :    We are forever greatful to Dr. Trapani and everyone at the Animal Health Center for taking the time in finding out the medical needs and issues of Maggie our OES. Maggie is a new Dog - she holds her head High when she hears she is going to see Dr. Trapani. Thank you all again I know Maggie & the rest of us appreciate your expertise.
Posted By :    Janet Donovan
Posted :    1/18/2008
Comments :    I am convinced that Dr. Trapani and everyone at the Animal Health Center saved the life of my older cat,Ace. He was very, very sick when I adopted him in 1997, when he was just two years old. The excellent physical and emotional care he received saved his life, and I will be forever grateful.
Posted By :    Tracy Anderson  (
Posted :    11/17/2007
Comments :    I love this place...if they took HMO Blue, I would have my whole family sitting in that waiting room right along side all the cats, dogs, rabbits...etc. I put more faith in Dr. T's knowledge than I do some of our family physicians. Common sense is hard to find sometimes...that is not the case with Denise.

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